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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm an aspiring speech pathologist and I was wondering how is the speech pathology course at uq? And um do you need really good grades to get in? Thanks:)


Hello! The UQ speech path course is very good. I think it’s one of the best in Australia and we are certified in the end (unlike James Cook University). It’s very intense. I never knew it would be so challenging, but it is worth it. I think. You just have to be committed to it! You do need good grades in high school. It’s an OP 4 cut off at the moment. The year I applied it was a 5, and I just missed out with my OP5! I did a year of Arts and the GPA needed is only 4.25 for some very strange reason? So, plenty of ways to get in :) Let me know if you have questions about content, work load etc!! xox

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