The Moon is a half-eaten biscuit.

Caitlin. 21. Australia. Speech Pathologist and Audiologist in the making!

"The real trouble with reality is that there's no background music."

[8/?] favourite films:
└ Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) dir. Rob Marshall

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Get to know me meme - [4/10] favorite male characters: Iron Man.

I am Iron Man.

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every living creature on Earth dies alone.

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Saw a TMNT 2012 lunchbox today. Seriously considered whether I, a young adult partially past-educated in three different degrees, needs a TMNT 2012 lunchbox. Answer was no, but I’ll probably end up going back and getting it anyway. (屮゜Д゜)屮


and the shelldom whispered words of wisdom

"buy the lunchbox"


why does everyone look so surprised when i say the reason for cutting my hair short is the hot weather, what were u expecting “i need to take my father’s place in war and the chinese army won’t accept women” ???

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